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Ialyssos - Rhodes
Ialyssos - Greece
Whispers Restaurant - Bar was established on 6th May 1989 and continues to run successfully today, by its owners Cleo, Smaro and their two sons Mike and George.

Whispers Restaurant - Bar is elegantly decorated using natural elements from our island Rodos. It has the capacity to seat ninety customers plus an additional twenty at the bar.

Whispers Restaurant - Bar is situated near Ixia, which is the largest suburb of Ialissos in Rhodes island.

Whispers has an excellent chef, Cleo, who will enchant you with the traditional Greek Cuisine and many international dishes. Of course, our chef has given special care for our young customers, providing them with a vast variety in our Children's Menu. It must be mentioned that all our dishes are reasonably priced.

All our ingredients used, from meat, fish to vegetables are fresh products bought from our local butcher, fishery and farms.

They are all of excellent quality and are purchased daily under the provision of our chef.

Whispers Restaurant - Bar is situated in an area where there are exclusive hotels and apartments such as, Anixis, Katia, Anita, Sunday, Summerland, Parasun, Ixian Grand, and Kassandra.

Whispers Restaurant - Bar will be waiting to take you on a journey of exquisite tastes and aromas.

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